The power of storytelling

Published: 09/05/2017

Last Friday us agents were back to school: we participated a day long workshop on storytelling and its importance in the business world. The coach of the day, Anne Kalliomäki of Tarinakone introduced herself as the pioneer of story-based service design, and for all the honour, good she was.

As the first task we were supposed to introduce our businesses and its operations as as a portion of ice cream. What the heck! How can you describe your business as an ice cream?? We thought to be good at storytelling, but during the workshop storytelling went to completely new levels. During the day we recognized potential points of interests in our operation for our customers, and were forced to consider our operations from many creative angles.

Despite of providing stories of our designers and the designs for our customers to be used in their marketing and sales purposes, we observed some weak points in our communication as well as in the storytelling in itself. In any case, we know that the stories are important, they will be even more important and we will provide them better in the future to serve better our customers. Timingwise well, Tommi Kinnunen wrote in his article on yle.fi, the national broadcasting company’s site, about the urgent need for companies there design plays an important role, to use and create stories! Well, we have them, we have them already!

Saying this, the ultimate manuscript for Patternsfrom Agency is still under development, so you have a chance to affect on it now! What would you like to hear/read about Patternsfrom Agency? Do you want to know better our designers’ way of working? Or what the agents are doing? We know that there are several thousand of people visiting our site and reading the blog, but why are we interesting to you? Please let us know!

What happened with the ice cream association in the end, then? Yes, we figured it out, of course. Patternsfrom Agency is a big bin of different yummy flavours, and depending on how you scoop your portion, you’ll get your favourite flavours. And if that is not enough, you can top up the portion with the toppings of your choise.

Do you get what we mean?