The week for animals – Eläinten viikko

Published: 04/10/2020

This week the Association for Animal Protection in Finland organizes The week for animals – Eläinten viikko. As there are over 20 000 cats that get abandoned on a yearly basis in Finland only, the theme for this year are cats and their wellbeing.

Animal lovers as we are, we would like to introduce you to our dear pets.

Jenni has a gray cat called Kätsy, 17 months. Kätsy is a free soul, spending most of her times outside in the forest or garden, doing what cats usually do. Unless it is raining. Then she loves to be indoors and sleep in front of the fireplace. She is great to climb up and down the trees, but jumping even to the couch is a challenge for her.

Aksu, Lhasa apso 6 years, found a new home at Kristiina’s mother, because he was not suitable for dog shows due to his underbite that dogs’ dentists could not fix. He is a perfect example for a pet, that brings plenty of joy for more people than the owner: Kristiina’s children adore Aksu and vice versa. Also other children, that have been scared of dogs, have been able to overcome their fear with Aksu: he doesn’t bark or jump on people, instead he loves everybody.

Meet also Justus, 6 years. He had a difficult start for her life as a population cat. Justus was lucky, as Tiina met him at a rescue facilities. He is super-dear for Tiina’s family, and he knows very well his own value, at least when we talk about food or cuddling. Sometimes he shows good manners by giving paws. That happens mainly though when there is food in sight. 

Animals inspire also our patterns. Tiina Taivainen thought about rabbits’ tails when designing the BomBom. Noora Hattunen’s pattern Gem looks slightly like small paws. The spotty fur of a cat can be seen on Anna Kuukka’s Spottycoat pattern.