Three pattern concepts – classy, lovely and whimsical

Published: 15/07/2021

In 2017 we launched our three pattern concepts – classy, lovely, and whimsical, and since then all our ready-made unique Nordic patterns have been designed accordingly. These concepts are updated on a yearly basis to fit the upcoming trends in moods and colors of interiors.

As colors are really important in the interior business, we do constant research for being able to offer you patterns in colors that are ahead of their time. Sometimes our customers have their upcoming color pallettes decided before they approach us. In those cases, we are happy to re-color the patterns or let our customers re-color them.

Classy – contains classical, timeless patterns, as that is how Scandinavian design is oftentimes described. Here you can find simplified, sophisticated patterns with graphic motifs and more. The patterns are calm, silent, and peaceful. It is easy to breathe and the time stays still.

Get to know the ready-made patterns in Classy-concept!

Lovely – fulfills your need for romance. This concept includes patterns with soft colors, delicate flowers, sweet things, and much more.

Check out our unique Lovely patterns!

Whimsical – is for adventurous customers. You can find wild and quirky patterns with exciting colors, funny characters, and much more. If the harmonic Classy and cute Lovely concepts are more or less predictable, Whimsical is full of surprises!

Check out our Whimsical patterns in Scandinavian style!


Besides these patterns in our open portfolio, we have also a digital pattern library with 1000+  pattern designs. We are happy to pitch you a selection of our patterns for any kind of pattern design needs!

Also, we are delighted to create unique pattern concepts for you! It includes a mood board based on the trend studies that we have conducted, a set of matching colors as well as suggestions for fitting patterns. Please get in touch with us to learn more!