Timeless pattern designs by Tanja Kallio

Published: 28/09/2021

Do you remember our previous post about Japandi-style? Well, the same theme continues, as Tanja Kallio‘s new timeless pattern designs in the classic style are released.

Inspired by the raked sand of a Zen Garden, the “Zen” pattern represents ripples on water. This hand-drawn mosaic pattern is suitable for interior textiles such as beddings and would be ideal on the floor, for example as a rug. It is also interesting for classic fashion and fashion accessories in different scales.

Different types of hand-drawn lines on the “Pino” pattern reflect piles or steps in a minimalistic way. This pattern works in different scales, creating more or less pronounced rhythms. It is designed as a supplement to timeless pattern designs Zen and Vire in the pattern family Aamunkoitto. It goes with minimalistic textiles such as beddings, home accessories, or fashion products, and works perfectly also on wall coverings.

Vire means gentle breeze in Finnish. Free falling lines on the “Vire” pattern express total freedom. The idea of the drawn line pattern is to capture the atmosphere of silence with a light breeze in space. This pattern is perfect for minimalistic spaces and interior textiles such as curtains and beddings. It is also suitable for producing flowing feeling to wall coverings or floors.