Trademarked pattern design services

Published: 07/11/2019

This year we have been thinking the true nature of Patternsfrom Agency: what we are and what we wish to become. How to provide price competitive pattern design services but still keep the trade fair for all parties? Katariina Hannukainen’s recent study of our Blue Ocean strategy supports the fact that we are different. However, how to make the most ot of it?

As a result of our brainstorming work, we came into the conclusion that we are a pattern design consultancy more than anything else. Instead of providing just single patterns to random customers, we prefer creating deeper partnerships with selected customers by offering pattern design services that lead to coordinating of collections, colors and materials. With our team of professional textile designers with plenty of other talents too, this is totally doable. We believe that by good coordination, better materials and less randomness the products will have a longer life cycle. The value for customers increase, and so do the profits. This is just wiser to us all, but especially to the planet Earth with its limited resources.

The process of registering our trademark has been finalized in Europe this summer. From now on Patternsfrom Agency stands for high-quality pattern design services related with business developement. It is also a sign for professionalism within the immaterial rights related with the patterns. So, whenever you see our name, you can trust the origin and quality of the service.

(Image: Lisa McWhirter / Miira Zukale)