Trend forecast for hometextiles – for free!

Published: 05/02/2020

Are you a professional in interior or textile design? Are you a desicion maker and you need to know how interior trends in 2022 and beyond look like? Having troubles in finding good and cost efficient sources for your work? Look no longer! We provide latest trend forecast for hometextiles – for free!

Throughout the year we have been collecting data and signals for the upcoming hometextile trends and are about to publish our report next week. The report, valid for one year at the time, covers three pattern concepts which we use in our daily work: classical, lovely and whimsical patterns.

We named the upcoming concept for whimsical patterns as Paper plane. We will share a deeper analysis of that and the other two concepts with people who have subscribed to our newsletter first, and by the end of the year openly in our blog.

So, if you wish to be among the first ones to know the story behind the Paper plane and others, do subscribe to our newsletter before mid-February!