Trend forecasting: Globetrotter for Whimsical concept

Published: 27/02/2019

Trend forecasting is part of our everyday business. We do it for ourselves to make guidelines for designing new patterns. Also, we are happy to share our knowledge with our customers, as we know trend forecasting takes plenty of time and effort. We sell our knowledge as a service for customers who need coordination of collections by the current trends.

We made our first trend forecasts years ago, so there is not much to report about them anymore. However, today, we share with you the forecast made for one of our previous Whimsical pattern concepts. We called the trend as Globetrotter, as it included several ethnical elements. Color scheme included 21 shades – all being brisk and lively.

Our designers received following storyline as the base for the design process:

““Wherever I lay my hat is home”, said Marvin Gay and so says the Globetrotter. This concept finds its inspiration from the metropolises as well as from the smallest villages of the world.
Street artists, crafters and musicians give a colorful and bohemian vibe to Globetrotter patterns, that are ideal for kids, youngsters, young minded adults.”

The outcome then?

Maria Tolvanen’s inspiration for the Pohjoinen -pattern collection comes from the Northern Lights and life in small cities in Northern Europe. Kokkola is a small town in Western Finland. It has also borrowed its name to Maria’s cheerful pattern that would look awesome in curtains and bed linen.

Johanna Rautiainen describes her Clouds -pattern like this: “Bubbly, dreamy and imaginary clouds are filled with different patterns, they create a solid surface that can be used anywhere. The viewer gets to decide what it looks like, and play with different visions.”

To give limitations to designers for the wished outcome of patterns does not lead to the death to the creativity. Vice versa, as you can see, the designers do stretch the boundaries even more, and the Globetrotter trend got elements of the sky as well!