Trend forecasts: Garden Party for Lovely patterns

Published: 24/04/2019

Patternsfrom Agency works hard with trend forecasts as our aim is to be able to provide patterns fitting the constantly changing tastes of consumers. Earlier we introduced the storyline for our Whimsical pattern concept. This time you will hear our thoughts about the romatic, cute and sweet, a.k.a. lovely patterns.

We call our Lovely pattern concept as Garden Party. Also this concept includes 21 colors. Most of the tones are broken or light. A true ode to the midnight sun!

The storyline as the base for the design process was following:

” The summer after midnight sun is different than summer before it: warm breeze and darkening evenings when sitting on the porch, small waves fluttering on the  lake and silently sighing cornfield, luscious smell of fresh apples, raspberries, carrots, beetroots and herbs.
Maybe we could have a garden party tomorrow night? Let’s hang lanterns to trees, pick fresh flowers for decoration and cook delicacies from the crop of our own garden.”

Noora Hattunen describes her pattern Willow: “Near by my mothers birthplace, deep in the forests of the North-Karelia is a place with i have always called fairy-tale forest. In the midst of the darkest spurce forest, opens up large area which is full of tall green hay. It is bordered by large white birch trees and beautiful flowers. It was my favourite place as a child. My grandmother told me that it was once a cow pasture area. But it’s always to me a fairy-tale forest. Willow, this little bird lives in that forest with other animals, fairies and goblins.”

Maria Tolvanen wants to brighten surfaces up with her Mangoldi-pattern: “Chard, in Finnish, “mangoldi”, is one of the nicest-looking vegetables there are. This pattern will bring the freshness and brightness of rainbow chard to wherever a splash of color is needed.”

Johanna Rautiainen is thinking of the time after the sunny summer nights with her Winter glory -pattern: “When the winter arrives the flowers of the summer have to fall down to make space for the new season- there´s no turning back. Winter is a time for hibernation, when only surviving living plants are twigs and bushes of winter berries. With a frosty touch, these patterns appreciate the transformation in the nature. It brings a piece of wintry glory indoors in the middle of the coldest season.”

Tiina Taivainen found vibrant colors for her Heteet-pattern from the Garden Party trend forecast: “I made the sketches for Vehmas pattern family during a spring time but the patterns began to glow not until I colored them with verdant colors of late summer. Naivistic style combined with natural style makes them joyful and happy.

Take a look at the patterns in our Lovely concept. Which one of the patterns is your favourite?