Try out our Creative pitch -service for pattern designs in Scandinavian style!

Published: 27/04/2022

Besides the open portfolio of modern, unique, production-ready pattern designs in Scandinavian style, we have a fully digitalized pattern library with over 1500 pattern designs in it. The library is handy for companies that make fast decisions. Licensing is a perfect way to gain rights for a pattern in a cost-efficient way – you only pay for how you will use the pattern, and still receive a unique, hand-made pattern.

The easiest way to access the content of the library is via our Creative Pitch -service. Creative Pitch -service is perfect for companies that know more or less what they are looking for. If you are unsure, don’t worry, we have services for you too – more about them in our upcoming posts.

1. Setting up goals

No matter if you need that missing single pattern for your upcoming collection of wallpapers, are looking for a pattern for jacquard fabrics in public spaces, or are willing to create an entire collection in modern Scandinavian style, we are there for you! At this phase, we talk about your needs, and our ability to fulfill your needs. We talk about the terms, about money, and about the time span for the project may it be days, weeks, months, or years.

If you are looking for a cheap option with full copyrights transferred to you, we kindly lead you to our competitors’. We know the business and our role in the value chain.

2. Let the work begin

At this point we give you a written offer that is based on the previous discussions. You share with us (confidentially, as agreed) your mood boards, themes, and any other relevant materials that help us to understand what you are looking for, and we dig the library for you.

This phase might be the longest taking part of the process, and you should count at least three working days for it. In case you are in super-hurry, please let us know, and we check what we can do.

3. Creative pitch

In the pitch, you will find at least ten patterns fitting your needs. In the pitch, we show the patterns as such, as the designer has designed them originally. We deliver the presentation to you, and you can go through it with your design team, the buyers, all decision-makers in your company.

Each pattern design is shown in two-three colorways.

4. Editing of the patterns – *optional*

As always, we are delighted to receive any kind of feedback for the pattern designs and are happy e.g. to adjust the repeat and the colors to better fit your needs.

At this point we can also create mock-up images that show you more or less how the pattern repeats on the final product, in case the images on the pitch itself did not help enough.

All additional services have also an additional price, that are given to you on the initial written offer, and will be paid together with the pattern design data.

5. Delivering the design data

At this point you will make the final decisions about the pattern/patterns that best fit your needs. We sign an agreement for the use of the pattern, which is very much in line with what we have been discussing and offering earlier.

While you process the final invoice, we gather all materials related with the pattern: the repeats in agreed color versions, bio and photograph of the designer as well as short story related with the pattern that you can use when marketing the final products. As soon as the payment is committed, we transfer these materials to you.

That’s it.

Creative pitch is a service that has been labeled with the Design from Finland -mark as a guarantee for the Nordic originality.

Get in touch with us already today, and let’s find you perfect pattern designs in Scandinavian style.