Upcoming trends for hometextiles

Published: 20/02/2020

Throughout the year we have been collecting data and signals for the upcoming trends for hometextiles. The report, our tool for designing patterns, is valid for one year at the time, and now we are looking at 2021 and beyond. As always, we work with three pattern concepts which we use in our daily work: classical, lovely and whimsical patterns.

Please note, that we all our designers are Scandinavian, so these given trends do have a strong Nordic connection. They do fit for designs that are fresh and modern, with a natural tie to the nature.

Let’s have a closer look at the three pattern concepts.

Nordic Light

Forecasting trends for hometextiles 2021

Nordic light with shadows and darkness for classical patterns

Classical patterns will be designed with the Nordic Light -concept. It gets its inspiration of the darkness of the winter, with its special light: aurora borealis as well as weak rays of the sun behind the trees. On the other hand the concept includes the light of the never ending summer days. Likewise the year-round long moments when days turn into nights are represented. Treasures of the Nordic nature, the berries and straws, bring their own flavour and color scheme to this concept of classy patterns.

Vintage Treasures

Upcoming trends for hometextiles 2021 Vintage Treasure

Vintage treasures are found on lovely patterns

Lovely patterns in the romantic Vintage Treasure -concept has an influence of vintage- and secondhand stores and flea markets there absolutely everything is available. We are mostly looking at the multi-layered side of them: different shapes and colors in a perfect harmony. Rustic styles of the past years, faded colors and antiques that have been long off the modern production. Also flowers shops and artist’s ateliers around the world inspire this concept.

Paper plane

Trend forecast for hometextiles - for free!

Paper planes and other crafting for whimsical patterns

Bright colors and DIY are the essentials for the active Paper Plane concept of the whimsical patterns. Toys, games and cartoons of the the past inspire this concept, there the patterns have a clear handmade finishing or pure geometric shapes. Paperfolding, origami, and naive creatures pop up in the patterns. You might find even prints with text of a langue you have never heard of!