Urban contemporary wallpaper patterns by Tiina Taivainen

Published: 24/11/2023

These three urban contemporary wallpaper patterns of Tiina Taivainen create a pattern family called ‘In My Head’, all inspired by the street life of the capital of Spain, Madrid.

Many years ago Tiina was traveling in Spain for a friend’s wedding and spent a few days in Madrid. One day she wandered through its streets and avenues, absorbing the atmosphere, smells, and moments of the city.

She sat in the park under a tree in the shade and started doodling without a bigger plan. Both regular and irregular patterns began to form on the paper. She filled out the whole paper without thinking too much. Sometimes unplanned drawing helps structure thoughts and calms the mind.

It wasn’t until she later got home that returned to the sketches made on the way. She recognized the atmosphere of Madrid from the doodling she had done under the tree and remembered her momentary state of mind, which was full of stimulation.

However, she also found beautiful details, structure, depth, and meanings in the sketch. These three patterns are designed from these sketches and bring you Madrid and its street stones, structures, and monuments, perhaps in a somewhat mystical way. Tiina’s mind always travels with these patterns to the glowing Madrid of early summer, and we hope that yours does so too.

The first pattern in the picture bottom left is called ‘Temple’. Sometimes the life of Tiina may feel a bit chaotic, but if you take a step backward and take another look, the chaos can form something beautiful and unexpected. The ‘Temple’ pattern is just like that. It is designed for large-scale surfaces like wallpapers. This pattern is perfect for bold home decor.

The second pattern in the top right corner of the picture is called ‘Block’. It is less bold than the other patterns in the ‘In My Head’ pattern family. It has the same hand-drawn feel but the rhythm is calmer. The Block pattern is perfect for many different kinds of products in home decoration from wallpapers to bedding and kitchen apparel.

You can find the last pattern of the pattern family in the bottom right of the picture. The ‘Shadow’ pattern is designed for home decoration but would work in clothing as well and can be scaled to a smaller size. The pattern creates a geometrical but soft rhythm inspired by the shadows of an iron gate in Madrid.

Would you like to use these patterns for your upcoming collection?  Our pricing is based on annual licensing fees that vary between 200-450 euros depending on the geographical area you will use the pattern in, as well as the number of product groups where the pattern design will be used. Contact us, and let’s discuss the terms and prices!