Where and how to use patterns?

Published: 24/03/2017

If you look around yourself, you’ll notice that patterns are used very widely: you’ll find them on the clothes that you wear, in interiors there you live as wallpapers and blankets, on paper napkins that you use during a picnic, on the seat in a tram or a bus, on the the packaging of your food, just to name a few.

When the designer knows the final use of the pattern, she can design by the needs of the surface. Without saying, the needs for a wallpaper pattern and a pattern used on a daily basis by people commuting to their buses are different: not only the visual effects but also the manufacturing of a wallpaper and a durable fabrics for a passanger seat sets limitations. The designers of Patternsfrom Agency appreciate a lot proper design briefs, there the requirements are explained in detail.

Sometimes the time span for finding a suitable pattern is too short for starting the design process from the scratch, so already existing patterns are used. Patternsfrom Agency has a pool of over one hundred patterns, which may be used as such, or with modifications, such as colorway or scaling changes. Despite the fact that we sell the patterns in production ready data files, all our patterns are unique and handmade.

Saying this, unlike some companies stocking patterns, we never sell or license the same pattern for same use for two different customers operating in the same market. You will be guaranteed to have exclusive patterns for your specific needs when partnering with Patternsfrom Agency.

So, also our patterns are suitable not only for textile, but for many other surfaces. If you are looking for a partner for designing the surface for your products, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We are more than happy to help you further with your pattern needs, whether you are an experienced buyer or have never used patterns on your products before.