Where and when to buy/license patterns?

Published: 01/09/2016

Buying or licensing of a pattern from a freelance designer may be a challenging task.

Different kinds of trade shows are a defenitive solution, especially in case the trade show has an own sector for designers. Good ones in Europe are e.g. Heimtextil in Germany in January and Indigo in Brussels in September as well as Surtex in New York in May, just to name a few. You will meet plenty of designers and see plenty of patterns. However, trade shows happen only once, maximum twice a year, so they might not fit into your schedule of design needs. Besides, travelling might be pretty expensive.

Another way is to meet designers personally, and take a look at their portfolios. You may either follow a designer and her achievements in social media channels and invite her over to you, or be contacted by one with the request of setting up a meeting. With this one designer you might get what you want, or might not – it depends on what the portfolio includes. In any case, you have to spend time for setting up the meeting, and spare some time for the meeting itself.

A third way is to pick a pattern at a pattern database. Licensing one is cheap, and the services are fast, since you receive the pattern as soon as the payment is confirmed. However, you may end up wondering who is the designer and what is the story behind a pattern. Also the exclusivity, or better said lack of the exclusivity, may be your concern.

The approach, and service solution, of Patterns from Finland is slightly different. We have an online portfolio of patterns with designers’ stories which you may see and read 24/7. You get to know our ten designers and their styles quite well by seing and reading through their portfolio pages. Please don’t forget to check all the color ways of the patterns! All the colorways and all the stories are at your use when using one of the patterns in your production. When you see something that would fit your needs, you just click the green “I want this” -button, and we’ll get back to you if any specifications are needed.

We guarantee, that if bought, the pattern is exclusively yours, and if licensed, no other manufacturer will make similar products with the same pattern in the same market with you. All ready-made colorways are included in the deal, and if needed, our designers are ready to recolor or resize the pattern.

Sounds easy? That’s what it is supposed to be! Please try out!

And one more thing. If you are not willing to get a pattern for your production, but have some kind of an opinion about it, our designers are very eager to hear any kind of feedback for their patterns. Our rating and reviewing procedure is simple as well.