Editor's Picks

Japandi style – combining Scandinavian functional minimalism and Japanese rustic minimalism

Published: 14/06/2021

This week in our Editor’s Picks we will introduce you to the Japandi style and some of our patterns to fit the style. Japandi style is a mix of Japanese and Scandinavian purity and stillness with clean lines, minimalism, and muted colors. An interior with Japandi has nothing extra, however, there can be some patterned details with a sophisticated harmonious surface-like pattern. Japandi style is a contemporary but classic style and never goes out of fashion. It has origins in Scandinavian and Japanese rural crafted items but with a modern minimalistic twist.⠀

The love between Finland and Japan is nothing new. It is actually the reason for what Patternsfrom Agency is today, as our personal first contact with Japan was as early as 1995. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

A selection of Japandi patterns in Patternsfrom Agency’s pattern library

The first pattern to fit Japandi style is  ‘Reitti’ (a route in Finnish) by Ammi Lahtinen. The inspiration for the pattern comes from street paving. The old stone pavements are bumpy, a bit uneven and the repetition varies.⠀

Anna Kuukka’s ‘Haystack’ pattern has a classic and graphic geometric rhythm, but it is made with free strokes that give it a wabi-sabi Japandi feeling. It is a versatile pattern for bedding, curtains, and wallpaper. Where would you see it?

Miira Zukale’s ‘Retki’ pattern has a minimal and surface-like pattern with pencil strokes. It is inspired by a picnic blanket. It would be perfect for bedding or kitchen textiles.

Tanja Kallio describes her pattern ‘Line’ as a “Minimalistic geometric pattern inspired by earth and sand. Hand-painted to folded paper. ‘Line’ has vertical rhythm and calm minimalism. ”

Ilana Vähätupa‘s ‘Horisontti’ pattern is inspired by the view on the horizon and the shimmering effect repeating the scenery on the water surface. The pattern has the late night and early morning moods and views by the water interpreted as simple shapes and calm tones.

‘Hermione’ pattern by Noora Hattunen was designed by a beach on a sunny summer day. It was an unusually hot summer day, and Noora just let the pen move on the paper and created a sketch for this meditative pattern. Idling, with no hurry anywhere.

Editor’s Picks are curated patterns designed by Finland-based textile and surface designers. The editor chooses a theme, makes a search in our digital pattern library, picks some of the best matches to the theme, and presents the patterns for you. These patterns are available for licensing in various product groups and markets. Get in touch for more information!