Editor's Picks

Pattern designs with romantic nostalgia

Published: 11/07/2023

Yearning for pattern designs with romantic nostalgia? This is the concept for you. Here you can find all there is to it: soft colors, delicate flowers, sweet things, and more.

Circo Nostalgico is a twist on last year’s concept Bohemian Garden. It is things that are exotic, lovely but peculiar. It is about tiny and huge flowers found in the garden, such as roses, dahlia, and lilies, about exotic animals, and intense but worn colors. Silk, velvet, feather, and tassels. On the other hand, it can be really delicate and almost white like a tutu of a ropedancer or a pierrot clown’s powdered cheek and fluffy pompoms. Can you hear the echo of the hurdy-gurdy? Open the tent door and step in.

A selection of patterns for Circo Nostalgico

These patterns have a nostalgic circus theme. The first pattern is Ammi Lahtinen‘s “Hula” with wonky geometric shapes like in the mirror room of a circus. Hula is an abstract pattern with round shapes that follow hand-drawn lines instead of strict symmetry. The name of the pattern, Hula, comes from the combination of the round shapes on the base and the hoops formed on the surface. The original sketch for the pattern is made with paper cutting.

The second pattern is designed by Tiina Taivainen and it is called “Ayrie”. It has geometric forms, but the pattern is still organic due to hand-drawn lines. The pattern has its inspiration from a garden party with paper lanterns, lights, flags, and confetti.

The third one is a pattern from Hanna Ruusulampi. It is called “Salmiakki”. The “Salmiakki” pattern is a geometric pattern with a nostalgic circus feeling but it also reminds you of the traditional salty licorice candies sold in Finland.

These patterns have delicate nostalgic flowers to make the caravan feel.

The first pattern “Villikukat”, designed by Hanna Ruusulampi is a meadow filled with flowers and a nostalgic late summer feeling. The second pattern is Anna Kuukka’s “Scattered Petals”, which offers a solution to wherever solid, continuous textures are needed, yet giving out a discreet touch of romance with it.

These two patterns have a green tone and retro-feel flowers. The first one of them, called “Asterales” is designed by Miira Zukale. It was drawn with markers and inspired by a summery bouquet of sunflowers on Miira’s kitchen table. In different colorways, the mood of the pattern changes, and the flowers change to others.

The second pattern of these two is designed by Siri Huovila of Nonodd Design Studio. It is a pattern called “Morning Glory”. The motifs of the pattern are born from the relaxation of camp life, the closeness of nature, and the bohemian milieu and wallpapers of bed&breakfast inns. The patterns take you on a romantic trip, where you go with a backpack on your back without a specific goal and enjoy the encounters ahead, the closeness of nature, and carefreeness.

Editor’s Picks are curated patterns designed by Finland-based textile and surface designers. The editor chooses a theme, makes a search in our digital pattern library, picks some of the best matches to the theme, and presents the patterns for you. These pattern designs with romantic nostalgia are available for licensing in various product groups and markets. Get in touch for more information!