Editor's Picks

Trendy Stripes and Checks for jolly patterns

Published: 05/08/2022

This time in Editors’ Picks you can find trendy stripes and checks designed again in a lively and fresh Scandinavian way. The stripe trend in fashion has been strong this summer, but it will continue and spread into interiors. You can have a glimpse of what was happening in Milan Design Week 2022 by reading for example this Yellow Trace article. 

Here is a sneak peek at what our designers have in stripes and checks in sunset colors that also are an upcoming trend.

A selection of striped and checked patterns in sunset colors

The first three patterns are vertical stripes. The first of these three is Anna Kuukka‘s ‘Hide & Seek’. She created this pattern by using organic, translucent brush strokes that turn the conventional stripes into a game of hide and seek! This pattern is a great match for any product craving for that little extra textured finishing.

The ‘Kaita’ pattern is a stripy dot pattern inspired by weaving textures. Photo-edited Kaita pattern is designed by Tanja Kallio and it has a strong vertical rhythm taken from Finnish weavings and the colors of the pattern give it a modern ethnical atmosphere.

Designer Hanna Ruusulampi‘s ‘Lepo’ pattern is inspired by street art. It is a versatile surface-like stripe pattern that suits many purposes.

The second set of three patterns is patterns with diamond shape. The first of them is designed by Tanja Kallio. Tanja’s pattern ‘Harlequin’ is one of the patterns in the circus-themed ‘Veranda’ pattern family. It is a painted graphic pattern inspired by circus harlequins. The pattern works well as wallpaper but is suitable for multiple uses such as interior textiles and home accessories including curtains, towels, and pillows.

The pattern ‘Circus’ is designed by Tiina Taivainen. This pattern has geometric forms, but the pattern is still organic due to hand-drawn lines. Drawn irregular lines fascinate Tiina a lot: how they form lively surfaces and how they affect the colors used. The ‘Circus’ pattern is part of the ‘Carnival’ pattern family that invites you to a garden party with paper lanterns, lights, flags, and confetti.

The pattern after that is also designed by Tiina Taivainen and it is called ‘Shadow’. It is part of Tiina’s ‘In my Head’ pattern family that represents all the hundreds of thoughts and feelings that go through our heads every day even simultaneously. Sometimes it may feel chaotic, but if you take a step backward and take another look, together they can form something great and unexpected.

The third set of three patterns is about checks. The first pattern of them is the pattern ‘Ruutu’, a geometric pattern inspired by weaving textures. Photo-edited Ruutu pattern has a patchwork rhythm taken from Finnish weavings. It is designed by Tanja Kallio.

Noora Hattunen designed a pattern called ‘Shakki’. It is a cute colored chess pattern and it is perfect for kids’ rooms or clothing.

The last of all patterns is a pattern called ‘Andblox’ also designed by Tanja Kallio. This pattern is a geometric retro pattern inspired by a casual holiday on the beach. Hand-drawn and computer-edited ‘Andblox’ pattern has rhythm and depth in layers. ‘Andblox’ mirrors the patterns of the ’50s. Colors are pale like after a full summer of sunlight.

The fourth set of three patterns is about horizontal lines. The first pattern of them could be also considered checked, but nevertheless, it is called ‘Karnevaali’ and it is designed by Ammi Lahtinen. Formed of horizontal and vertical lines, the pattern ‘Karnevaali’ is a simple, yet strong abstract design based on a sketch made of woven paper strips. The pattern can be altered a lot with the number of colors used or by changing the scale.

Hanna Ruusulampi has designed the last two patterns. The pattern called ‘Mätäs’ has wavy horizontal lines painted bu ink brush. It has been inspired by moss rots in the Finnish forest.

The last of all patterns is a pattern called ‘Viiva’ engl. line.  This pattern was inspired by graphical textures and large-size ink brushes. The original artwork was hand-painted on Chinese calligraphy paper.

Editor’s Picks are curated patterns designed by Finland-based textile and surface designers. The editor chooses a theme, makes a search in our digital pattern library, picks some of the best matches to the theme, and presents the patterns for you. These patterns are available for licensing in various product groups and markets. Get in touch for more information!