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Unisex pattern designs for babies and kids

Published: 17/08/2021

Many of you might have heard about the Finnish baby box or the maternity package sponsored by the state for every baby born in Finland. The baby box includes almost everything that a baby needs for his or her first year: clothes, a sleeping bag, blanket, a book, a toy, and some info and supply also for the parents. Even the delivery box itself is designed to be the baby’s bed in her or his first months. All products in the box have unisex pattern designs for babies and kids, as both baby girls and baby boys receive the same package.

Maternity aid in Finland has a long history dating back to the year 1937. It was first handed out only for poor mothers as cash or goods in order to prevent infant mortality. From the year 1949 on it has been granted for all the new babies born in Finland, independent on the income level. Nowadays almost all first-time mothers take maternity aid as a baby box. It is on a global scale a unique way to support the parents for the upcoming baby year. The new families are every year eagerly waiting what lovely and handy items will be in the box this year.

The products that are in the box are designed by Finnish designers and produced mainly by Finnish companies, however the tender is open for anyone. It is an honor to be able to supply goods for the baby box. This time in editors’ picks we are introducing patterns designed for the babies and baby box. The baby box patterns have to be unisex and also likable for the average parents.

Pattern ‘Siitä saa Vitamiineja’ is designed by Tanja Kallio. It is a hand-painted simple abstract pattern that is inspired by geometric forms. It reminds you to get your vitamins. Pattern designed for or children’s bedding and clothing and playful disposables or stationery.

The pattern with elephants is called ‘Teekutsut’ – the tea party. It is designed by Noora Hattunen and inspired by her godson and his amazing stories where elephants have umbrellas and they throw tea parties. Kids’ imagination is limitless and an endless source of inspiration for kids’ patterns. This pattern is designed for baby bedding but is suitable also for wallpaper.

Anna Kuukka‘s pattern ‘Frog Race’ has a feeling of noisy buzz in the pond. This cheerful design works perfectly as a witty alternative for a conventional Polkadot print and it is perfect for baby clothing, bedding as well as disposables.

The ‘Vantage Point’ is a Miira Zukale pattern sketched originally by paper cutting. It has a soft and babylike feeling but some bright birds get the baby’s attention.

The small-scale pattern ‘Sopulit’ – as ‘Siitä saa vitamiineja’ – is also designed by Tanja Kallio.  There is a herd of lemmings wandering around in Lapland. It is a cute pattern for many purposes from baby clothing to disposables.

In the supercute and joyful ‘Poiju’ pattern designed by Hanna Ruusulampi, you can see the grey seal peeking out from the sea. It melts the hearts of adults as well as kids. A bright-colored buoy cheers the colors up.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

For brands that are taking part in the maternity package tendering:

Our designers design regularly baby patterns keeping the maternity package in mind; sleeping bag, duvet, and kids clothes. We can deliver also designs for placement prints as well as designs for woven or knitted products. Don’t hesitate to ask for more info. We have a flexible pricing system, for cost-efficiency. 

Äitiyspakkauskilpailutukseen osallistuvat yritykset:

Suunnittelijamme suunnittelevat säännöllisesti lasten ja vauvojen kuoseja nimenomaan Kela:n äitiyspakkausta ajatellen, niin makuupussia, pussilakanaa kuin vauvanvaatteita varten. Pystymme toimittamaan myös yksittäispainatukseen, sekä  kudottuihin ja neulottuihin tuotteisiin sopivat kuosit ja kuviot. Kysy rohkeasti lisää, jos etsit äitiyspakkauskilpailutukseen sopivia kuoseja. Meiltä myös edulliset lisenssit kilpailutusvaiheeseen. 

Editor’s Picks are curated patterns designed by Finland-based textile and surface designers. The editor chooses a theme, makes a search in our digital pattern library, picks some of the best matches to the theme, and presents the patterns for you. These patterns are available for licensing in various product groups and markets. Get in touch for more information!