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Vernal patterns for kitchen textiles and disposables

Published: 13/04/2022

Scandinavian springtime is here! After a dark and long winter, we wake up to light mornings and enjoy evening light until late. The first holiday in spring is Easter, which we will celebrate the upcoming weekend, followed by May 1st in two weeks’ time.

As we design patterns for long-term use, they have very seldom clear indicators or motives for specific seasons. Instead, we rather play with seasonal colors. The colors of Scandinavian springtime have fresh tones of green, yellow, purple, and pink. These tones match with our current pattern concept Bubble for whimsical patterns, which has plenty of patterns for juniors and young-minded.

A selection of vernal patterns for Scandinavian spring feeling and Easter celebration

The most traditional colors for Easter in Scandinavian color pallets would be spring green and chick yellow. So here you are:

The first pattern is designed by Hanna Ruusulampi. This surface-like pattern is called ‘Vohveli’ and has its inspiration for kids’ all-time favorite delicacy waffle.

Miira Zukale studied closely the most common plants in Finnish forests and yards and simplified them into graphic patterns in her own style. Graphical and stylized plants are cut out from painted surfaces. This pattern called ‘Krassi’ is cheerful round leaves of an ordinary every yard plant Indian cress and it is perfect for kitchen curtains, tablecloths, or napkins.

Hanna Ruusulampi’s other pattern ‘Keto’ is designed by shredding and cutting paper. It is a playful pattern with butterflies, bees, and flowers – the first signs of the approaching summer. This pattern works well in disposables as well as tea towels, pot holders, and so on.

What would be Easter without chicks and bunnies? Nothing!

Nonodd design Studio’s Tanja Aivila has designed a pattern called ‘Viserrys’. It means “chirp”. It is a simple but fun pattern with chicks jumping around. This would work well in disposables and kitchen textiles.

The next pattern called ‘Siukale’ is an abstract pattern with soft shapes.  Not many people, even Finnish, knows that ‘Siukale’ is a Finnish word and it means snowflakes that float infrequently and slowly down from the sky. Now you ask how this relates to Spring. Well in Finland the Spring is capricious – you never know what is coming down from the sky. Anyway, designer Tiina Taivainen‘s ‘Siukale’ is a nice vernal pattern for table cloths or even for bedding.

The next pattern is also designed by Tiina Taivainen. ‘Bunnybum’ tells about a bunny who has determined to make its dreams come true. It is already bouncing there where the dreams happen – and you can only see its bum and bobtail! The pattern is designed especially for children’s interiors and clothing but works also for kitchen and disposables. The rasterized surfaces give the patterns liveliness and depth.

More bunnies and some pink for the pink lovers.

Tanja Kallio has designed a pattern called ‘Pupu’. Also, this pattern is very simple but still fun with bunnies jumping around. The simpleness makes it very versatile and it would work well in kids’ interiors and clothing as well as disposables, and kitchen textiles.

The next pattern is called ‘Frog Race’ for obvious reasons. You can feel the noisy buzz at the frog pond while looking at this pattern! This cheerful design works perfectly as a witty alternative for a conventional polka dot print, suitable for all uses. It is designed by Anna Kuukka.

The last pattern is also designed by Tanja Kallio. ‘Morfo’ is a big scale pattern and designed to be table cloths or curtains or even wallpaper. Nature is always transforming with the purpose of maintaining and nurturing life. The design is inspired by the abstract way plants pollinate.

Editor’s Picks are curated patterns designed by Finland-based textile and surface designers. The editor chooses a theme, makes a search in our digital pattern library, picks some of the best matches to the theme, and presents the patterns for you. These patterns are available for licensing in various product groups and markets. Get in touch for more information!