Brand Licensing Europe – see you there?

Published: 26/09/2023

After several years from the previous visit, we will be back in London and Brand Licensing Europe in October 2023 – together with a group of licensing agents and managers of AGMA ry.

The event is a must for companies with plenty of intellectual property to be commercialized as both licensors and licensees, together with various service providers in the licensing industry, are all in one place at the same time. There are plenty of opportunities for doing market research or benchmarking how licensors and licensees operate. Our experience is that the community is very open and supportive for newcomers.

Despite the fact that Patternsfrom Agency is not on the same level as brands like Barbie or AC Milan, we still believe that our pattern designers’ IP has much more potential than what it is delivering today.

How we see the challenge, generally speaking, is that the pattern designer brands globally are almost non-existent. Also, the designers are perhaps not aware of all those possibilities that a strong brand could bring along, as well as the heavy workload that getting there would require. The knowledge of the licensing industry in the universities and universities of applied sciences is weak, too. This leads to the fact that the business models that favor bigger and stronger counterparts are still taught in schools, and the designers must gather their knowledge on licensing and other modern business models oftentimes by the trial and error -system.

Our business model has been influenced by the licensing industry as well as the SaaS-model. The ready-made pattern designs, currently some 1500 of them, are indexed in our digital pattern library, and some are also on our homepage. The customer acquires an exclusive license to use the pattern design in the chosen markets and product groups and pays an annual rent for it. The pattern is always unique and it follows with some material that the customer can use in marketing of the final product.

Does our concept resonate with you? We’d be happy to meet you in person either on the fairgrounds or in other parts of London. Please get in touch to agree on a meeting time!