Helsinki Design Week 2021: Sustainable sourcing of textiles in India Sept. 17th 14-16 EEST

Published: 17/08/2021

Is sustainable sourcing of textiles possible in India, and how to work with Indian subcontractors? This workshop is perfect for companies aiming to expand their sourcing activities to India, or who are there already but want to pay attention to the sustainability of sourcing. Also, it gives insight for designers about the Indian textile market from the designer’s point of view. Two experts of the textile business in India will share their expertise on sustainable sourcing, as well as how to avoid the pitfalls when subcontracting from India.

The event has a limited number of seats available, so secure your seat and buy your ticket (36 euros) latest Sept. 16th – the ticket shop is now open! We will record the event, and share the link with people who have purchased their ticket to the event.



Ganesh Purohit / Port of Trust

Ganesh Purohit is the founder of Port of Trust – a company that works in the areas of

  • Sourcing of Home textiles
    • Port of Trust manages the sourcing and supply chain logistics for several international brands, retailers, and importers who look to India to find appropriate supply sources for home textiles. Currently, there are clients based in Australia, the Nordic region, USA, and Canada.
  • Sustainability
    • In this space, the company is discovering the most appropriate clean energy/sustainable solutions that they can take back to India. Paptic Oy and Infinited Fiber Company are two Finnish companies who Port of Trust represents in India.
  • Social Enterprises
    • Wanting to put years of experience in home textiles and international marketing to deliver tangible benefits for the social sector, Port of Trust works with many small groups of artisans – helping them to tie up with well-known brands to whom they can supply their products. This involves helping Social Enterprises understand global product requirements, setting up systems to ensure conformity to international quality standards, help with understanding finance and scaling up operations. This function of our work is pro bono.  Any surplus generated is reinvested in the respective communities in consultation with the global partners and the artisan community.

Supreet Raju / Texilist

Supreet Raju is an Award-winning Designer, Faculty and Textile expert.  A Gold medalist from NIFT, New Delhi, she has advised leading businesses and brands across the world on all things textile – from product design to exhibition displays. Her current focus is Texilist – a platform to educate and mentor the next generation of Business owners, Designers, and Marketers across the home textile industry. 

In her presentation, Ms. Raju is putting the focus on the textile designers’ role when talking about sustainable sourcing of textiles. She gives concrete advice for textile designers what comes to the sourcing of textiles in India and cooperation with Indian textile manufacturers.


We are part of the largest design festival in the Nordics, Helsinki Design Week, organized 9–19 September 2021.