HOMETEX 2024 in Istanbul, Turkey

Published: 08/05/2024

Hometex 2024 fair is all about home textiles, as Turkey has a great textile industry and is one of the favored destinations from where the Northern European brands source their collections. Also we will head to the fair held in Istanbul, Turkey, May 21-25.

We will bring our expertise in designing concepts, collections, and colorways in timeless Scandinavian style. As the biggest textile design service provider in Scandinavia, Patternsfrom Agency has a big design team and plenty of references from our previous projects available.

Our services are aimed at businesses with the following needs:

  • Creating a design concept for a collection
  • Coordination of a coherent collection
  • Color coordination
  • Designing unique pattern designs for brand development

For any other design-related challenges, we are happy to discuss with you to see if we can tackle them. Book a 1-to-1 meeting with us for the Hometex 2024 fairgrounds today!