Pattern challenge for designers around the world – 2nd edition

Published: 27/04/2023

Here comes our second Pattern challenge for designers. To give a bit of background let us summarize ongoing and upcoming interior trends on well-being and greenery.

The green color reminds us of human beings of nature. It is considered to be rejuvenating. A blueish green is a fresh color that gives a feeling of growth, and vitality, and a yellowish green is more calming,  cozy, and safe  – like a nest in a tree. You can read more about the green color in interior design for example here.

We have witnessed a huge trend of growing green plants inside buildings or on balconies, starting from the pandemic and even before that. When it was forbidden to go outside to enjoy nature, people started to bring nature inside. Well, not every one of us is blessed with green fingers, so that is where the surface designers step into the picture.

We can see already that the prints and patterns in wallcoverings have grown in size. It is easier to print wallpaper on demand because of digital printing, so the wallpapers can nowadays be ordered custom-sized. That is why we now see large-scale mural wallpapers more and more. You can find good examples for example from Forest Home or Aveo. This is why we call out designers to bring forth their vision of the forest inside the home.

The Pattern challenge

With this pattern challenge, we want to spread information about good patterns and especially their designers, also those who are not yet on our roster. From the participating works, we will choose the three best designs matching this challenge, and share those and the designer s’ details both in a blog post as well as in an Instagram Story.

The muse of this challenge is the forest. Nature and forest is an endless inspirational source for designers and is never out of fashion. To join the pattern challenge, please create a pattern design with any available technique. The pattern can be in repeat or it can be a panel print and suitable for wallcoverings. In the main picture above, you can find an inspirational color palette for this challenge.

Last but not least, publish your pattern design repeat on Instagram using #PFApatternchallenge so that we can find it. The deadline for this second challenge is May 30th, 2023.