Helsinki Design Week: Working as a pattern designer – Webinar on Sept. 15th at 12-14 EEST

Published: 16/08/2021

The topic for our webinar on Wednesday is “Working as a pattern designer”.

We have asked a number of internationally recognized designers, studios, agencies, and brands to tell about their work and to share their insights into the world of pattern design. Besides learning how designers around the world organize themselves for work, you will hear about different pricing and agreement methods too. This event is meant to be a peer-to-peer event, especially suitable for junior designers, people willing to sell their artwork, and people willing to know how is it to be working as a pattern designer.

The language of the event is English.

The event has a limited number of seats available, so secure your seat and buy your ticket (19 euros) latest Sept. 14th – the webshop is now open! We will record the event, and share the link with people who have purchased their ticket to the event.



Sachiko Imaizumi (JP)

“My career working with designers, illustrators, and artists started when I worked for an editor of children’s books in the 1980s at Fukuinkan Shoten.  It was a great opportunity to understand a creator’s thinking and how I can coordinate between a creator and consumers. 

At the publisher, I started to get involved in licensing business, and my career of licensing has continued for 30 years at various companies.  I established a new company in 2010, as a daughter company of the biggest licensing company in Sweden, Plus Licens AB.  It was when I started to work with Scandinavian properties. 

Since 2013, when the company got independent, we changed the name to andFIKA, and started to focus more on designs, such as Finlayson, Aarikka, and Ivana Helsinki.  Scandinavian Pattern Collection is our own design brand, joined by 30 designers from Nordic countries.  I opened a shop in Tokyo last year, as a presentation space of Nordic designs and products.  I have master’s degrees in Business and Arts & Design.”  


Teija Puranen (FIN)

“I design surface decoration in repeat, mainly for printed textiles, but also for wallpapers, stationery, and other use. The origin of my designs is always in hand-made sketches. I have offered designs to the industry since 2005, since my textile art studies at the University of Art and Design in Helsinki (today part of Aalto University). I have my own company and my work is mostly direct co-operation with the client companies, such as Finnish Nanso and Marimekko, and Japanese Sunrose.

My home is in the countryside in South-West Finland. I am quite attached to the surrounding archipelago landscapes and enjoy the peace and quiet work surroundings I have.”


Tiina Taivainen (FIN)

“I am a Helsinki-based designer working in various duties and businesses in the field of design. I am specialized in knitwear and pattern design and also work for instance with collection design and design management projects. I established my own knitwear line Kauneve in 2013, and Patternsfrom Agency has represented my pattern designs since 2015 bringing in customers from around the world.”


Joris Martens (BE)

“I am an artist and pattern designer from Retie, Belgium. In my often abstract patterns, I combine art and design by evoking seemingly effortless day-by-day life’s mute complexity. I work with various media, of which drawing is the core, however, for advanced mark-making, I prefer stone lithography. I have been looking for my own style and clientele in the market, and with hard, persistent work my style is recognized especially in the home textile market. In addition to working as a pattern designer for commercial patterns, I have also been involved with e.g. designing woven textiles for public buildings and churches. You can see my works on my homepage and Instagram. Throughout the years I have been active to collaborate with fellow designers, most recently for Motif Collectif, an initiative taking place in France.

In September 2021 I am about to release my first collection of JORIS MARTENS STUDIO signature, sustainable products. This project called ‘Design by Nature’enables my favorite prints to be accessible for private customers too. With inventive print and product design I want to create direct contact with my audience, be it the art, design, urban, nature lovers, or sports world. Everything is connected and I like to unite people through art and design.”


We are part of the largest design festival in the Nordics, Helsinki Design Week, organized 9–19 September 2021.