Ammi Lahtinen

Ammi Lahtinen has graduated from Aalto University of Arts, Design and Architecture with a Master’s degree in Textile Art and Design. As a designer she finds inspiration from details in her surroundings; interesting elements like repetition, colors, structures, lights, shadows and reflections that catch her eye.

Ammi takes a lot of photos to remember even the smallest design ideas. Every once in a while she likes to use old school cameras. With them the end result always comes with a surprise element regardless of how the photos are planned. Perhaps that is the reason for Ammi’s designs being combinations of memories and dreams. You know, with good imagination you have yesterday, today and tomorrow all right here, right now.

Ammi Lahtinen’s patterns are often very nature focused. Inspiration comes both from her home town back in the countryside as well as the city nature in Helsinki.

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