Ilana Vähätupa

“I can find inspiration everywhere and in everything that I see. The most intriguing sources are those small, subtle things that almost go unnoticed. Likewise different moments, feelings and nature are the greatest influencers to my designs. I am really fascinated by the infinite shapes. Therefore shapes on the molecular level as well as in outer space interests me. I have learned a way of letting the design process lead and guide me by findings, coincidents, and errors.”

Ilana Vähätupa is a Bachelor of Arts in textile design, however, she will finish her Master’s studies in one year’s time. She has a strong emphasis on print design, weaving and product design that often benefits the minor groups of people. Her life-long interests and hobbies led Ilana into being a textile designer, a field which combines many of her strengths.

Most often Ilana Vähätupa’s designs start with a hand-made sketch. Alongside freehand drawing, she uses often unusual as well as mixed techniques. She is great in creating abstract surfaces and drawing bold lines and delicate pencil traces.

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