Miira Zukale

Miira Zukale always loved stories and reading books is her dearest hobby. But as writing is not her thing, she chose a visual way to be a storyteller. One of her passion have always been clothes and fabrics. It was clear for her to combine those two and start to tell stories as a textile designer. Her goal as a designer is to delight people with patterns and stories that they tell.

Miira has graduated as Master of Arts from University of Art and Design Helsinki in 2007 and she has been working as a freelance designer since then.

The sketches for Miiras designs are always handmade. She likes to try different techniques and materials, and wants that hand made feeling shows in the final design.

Everything Miira sees around her, travelling, architecture and little details give her inspiration. Miira enjoy wandering in her hometown Helsinki like a tourist, slowly looking at houses, colors and city nature. In addition to the urban atmosphere she gets new ideas when walking in a forest.

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