Tiina Taivainen

Tiina Taivainen’s aim as a textile designer is to create stories. Not the stories she makes up, but the stories that will be composed in the viewer’s mind. She wants her designs to get the viewers’ imaginations fly, get them to find something familiar but new in them, get them to find meanings and feel something.

As a pattern designer Tiina’s style is rather delicate and light. It derives from her personality and the way she looks at the world. She likes to combine various sketching techniques such as watercolor and drawing line. Usually Tiina wants to save the original spirit of hand drawing or painting in the final design.

Tiina’s education is Bachelor of Arts majoring in textile design. She graduated from the Metropolia University of Applied Sciences. She also has a previous Master’s degree from linguistics. Although she has now jumped to a totally different world, she is still studying meanings, only the subject has changed from languages to visual surfaces.

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