Happy – Fluffies

The pattern family ‘Happy’ is designed for children and animal lovers. The patterns in this family are best suitable, for example, for bedding, decorative pillows, or children’s clothes. The collection features animals in their habitats, in the water, in the air, and in the woods. The ‘Fluffies’ pattern has cute and soft bunnies and weasels enjoying the shelter of the forest. The colorways change the color of their fur according to the season.

Size (h*w): 32  * 40 cm
Colors: 4
Group: B

Ideal product group

for bedding, for fashion, for home accessories

Product groups available

All product groups, Bedding, Fashion, Fashion accessories, Flooring, Home accessories, Interior textiles, Other, Stationery and Disposables, Wallcoverings

Markets available

Africa, Australia and New Zealand, China, Europe, Global, Japan & Korea, Middle East, North America, Russia & CIS, South and Central America, South-East Asia

File format

.pdf, .psd, .tiff

Color amount


Production technique

Digital printing, Rotation printing, Screen printing




ANIMALS, Bunny, NATURE, Weasel

Sketching method

DRAWN, Line drawing, Pencils

Main colors

Blue, Brown, Grey, LIGHT, White

Pantone colors

12-5504, 13-1105, 18-0920 80%