Kesäilta – Raitakukka

The inspiration for the pattern “Raitakukka” comes from shadows in a forest by a jogging route. Tall tree trunks created stripy lines, and the smaller trees or other plants showed as leafy silhouettes. This view turned into a sketch with a lined background added with leaves and flowers. This pattern has many coloring options, depending on which part of the design highlights.

Size (h*w): 32 * 20 cm
Colors: 2 – 4
Group: C

Ideal product group

for bedding, for fashion, for fashion accessories, for home accessories, for interior textiles

File format

.ai, .pdf

Color amount


Production technique

Digital printing, Rotation printing, Screen printing




ABSTRACT, Floral, Leaves, NATURE, Other, Stripes

Main colors

DARK, Green

Pantone colors

15-6313 Laurel Green, 18-6114 Myrtle, 19-3911 Black Beauty