Tarinaretki – Lagobus lagobus 1

I have heard and sawn lagobus lagobus many times. Lagobus lagobus is latin and means a white willow that are typical wilderness birds in Scandinavian Lapland. These birds symbolise to me freedom, because when I hear these birds chatting singing in wintertime and see these bird jump in the air I am free having my special time in wilderness. I got inspired to design this pattern when I was cross country skiing and a big group of white willow grouses jumped from the under the trees next to me and flew away beautifully. The print captured the memory of this single occasion.

Size (h*w): 64 * 50 cm
Colors: 3
Group: B

Ideal product group

for bedding, for interior textiles

Product groups available

All product groups, Bedding, Fashion, Fashion accessories, Flooring, Home accessories, Interior textiles, Other, Stationery and Disposables, Wallcoverings

Markets available

Africa, Australia and New Zealand, China, Europe, Global, Japan & Korea, Middle East, North America, Russia & CIS, South and Central America, South-East Asia

File format

.ai, .pdf

Color amount






Sketching method

Gouache, PAINTED

Background colour

Green, LIGHT