Veggies – Lettuce 1

Veggies is a colorful vegetable-themed pattern family. It is originally hand-drawn with colored pencils and patterns have a rough handmade feeling. Lettuce is a textured pattern. You can see a surface formed by lettuce that also looks a bit like petals of roses. Lettuce is a versatile pattern for many uses.

Size (h*w): 32 x 32 cm
Colors: 2
Group: C

Ideal product group

for bedding, for home accessories, for interior textiles

File format

.pdf, .psd

Color amount


Production technique

Digital printing, Jacquard, Rotation printing, Screen printing




FOOD, Leaves, NATURE, Vegetables

Sketching method

DRAWN, Pencils

Background colour

BRIGHT, Yellow

Markets available

Africa, Australia and New Zealand, China, Europe, Global, Japan & Korea, Japan & Korea, Middle East, North America, Russia & CIS, South and Central America, South-East Asia

Product groups available

All product groups, Bedding, Fashion, Fashion accessories, Flooring, Home accessories, Interior textiles, Other, Stationery and Disposables, Wallcoverings