Suvi – Kullero

Bring the beauty of Nordic flora into your space with this blooming and graphic flower pattern for interior design and wallcoverings. Pay homage to the national flower of Finnish Lapland with the “Kullero” pattern, inspired by the enchanting Globeflower that blooms during the Midsummer when the sun does not set at all in Northern parts of Finland. I have fallen in love with the shape and essence of this flower. This graphic and elegant design complements Scandinavian-style interiors and can also be used in interior textiles, adding a touch of Nordic charm.

These are mock-up images to show you an example of how to use this pattern. See all the pattern details and colorways on our Hidden Treasures. Request a password here.

Size (h*w): 50 * 50 cm
Colors: 3
Group: B

Ideal product group

for interior textiles, for wallcoverings

Product groups available

All product groups, Bedding, Fashion, Fashion accessories, Flooring, Home accessories, Interior textiles, Other, Stationery and Disposables, Wallcoverings

Markets available

Africa, Australia and New Zealand, China, Europe, Global, Japan & Korea, Middle East, North America, Russia & CIS, South and Central America, South-East Asia

File format

.ai, .pdf

Color amount


Production technique

Digital printing, Jacquard, Screen printing




Floral, NATURE

Sketching method

DRAWN, Line drawing, Markers

Main colors

BRIGHT, Grey, LIGHT, White, Yellow

Pantone colors

12-0752, 13-5304 30%, 15-6437 80%