We have been selling patterns and design consultancy services since 2016. In addition to the references further down below, we have also worked with the following companies and brands:

SakupeLuolai Group, Beijing Intx Consulting, Nitori, Nohara Holdings, Joban Kyodo Printing, Facade Corporation, Familon, Silkentex, Bickly Curtain and Nomura Trading.

Outsourced design team for Deconovo

Besides selling single pattern designs, we provide also services as an outsourced design team for companies in need of fresh and bold ideas for their upcoming collections and business development.

Pattern designs for elderly people

Puro Tekstiilihuoltopalvelut Oy wanted to create a bed sheet collection with pattern designs for elderly people. We delivered.

Special edition of Patternsfrom Agency fabrics

Do you love DIY-projects? We do and that’s why we are super-excited about Patternsfrom Agency fabrics, sold by the meter. 

Pattern designs for hospitals and institutions

Finland’s leading laundry service provider Sakupe Oy requested some pattern designs for hospitals and institutions. We delivered.

Pattern design for a woven blanket for babies

Our pattern design sold to Barker Textiles for a woven blanket for babies will be delivered to all newborn Finns in 2023 with the maternity package of KELA.

Pattern designs for curtains for Deconovo

These newly released pattern designs of Deconovo have been designed for the Modern and Classic Designers’ Series.

Pattern design for woven baby blanket

Barker Textiles is the supplier of the woven baby blanket for the KELA maternity package 2022. Ammi Lahtinen designed the pattern for it.

Puro Tekstiilihuoltopalvelut Oy for innovative bedding in Finnish hospitals

Puro Tekstiilihuoltopalvelut Oy is the leading provider of textiles for hospitals and care homes located in Southern Finland. Besides textiles per se, Puro provides also maintenance services for textiles with its big and efficient laundry facilities washing about 9 million kilos of laundry every year.

Custom-made pattern for kids bedroom curtains

Designer Ammi Lahtinen’s Space Adventure is a custom-made pattern for the kids’ collection of our long-time customer Deconovo. The curtains with blackout and thermal insulating effects come in three colorways.