Business coaching for Guldunen

Published: 10/11/2021

Textile designer Elina Antila of Guldunen realized that she needed some support and business coaching to clarify her designer identity and upcoming steps in her career as a pattern designer. She made thorough searches online on topics relevant to her, and that way she found our homepage and us. After reading some of the articles, Ms. Antila realized that Patternsfrom Agency had already faced, and tackled, exact same challenges that she was struggling with. She felt also confident with the fact that we both operate in the same field, and know the textile design business. She sent us a short message with the contact form

As there might have been a quick fix for Ms. Antila’s questions, we advised her to check out the webinars on our Youtube channel. However, the recordings did not give her precise answers, so we agreed to a one-hour one-to-one business coaching.

The coaching was conducted virtually, both parties sitting in their own offices being able to share their screens and visualize the discussion if needed. We discussed openly, shared experiences, and tackled topics that both were very well aware of. The topics of the discussions are kept confidential, but generally speaking, it had with the branding, internationalization, and agreements to do. One hour passed quickly, but it was enough to clarify Ms. Antila’s thoughts.

In a couple of months’ time, Ms. Antila felt like she needed another session, so she contacted us again. The discussion continued from where it had stayed: we could dig deeper, and think about possible solutions too. Ms. Antila got plenty of tips and confidence for how to move towards the style she enjoys creating and working with, and how to approach customers and find new assignments. She found goals, however, she had to work on finding ways to reach them on her own.

After one year of the first coaching, as a follow-up, we asked Ms. Antila about her current feelings and the effect of the coaching. It was superb to hear that Ms. Antila has been super happy with the sessions. The coaching has improved her self-esteem as a designer so that she dreams big these days: she is willing to try out new things and she aims much higher as a designer. She has learned to make a difference between exhausting, non-productive work and work that is inspiring and takes her and her company forward. This gives positive flow into her working days, every day.

We are eagerly following the development and cheering for the next steps of both Guldunen and Elina Antila.