Custom-made pattern for kids bedroom curtains

Published: 28/12/2021

Designer Ammi Lahtinen‘s Space Adventure is a custom-made pattern for the kids’ collection of our long-time customer Deconovo. It was designed to fill the need of Deconovo for patterns for juniors with a Scandinavian twist. The pattern fits well with Deconovo’s pattern concept Modern, which is one of the six concepts that the company has currently in use.

“I wanted to draw this custom-made pattern with simple elements, but with lots of details. The original sketch was made with colorful markers to get the wanted style of drawing with soft, round edges. Children’s imagination is wonderful and can take them into adventures anywhere, even to space while their feet firmly on the ground. Space-themed curtains are a perfect fit for a kid’s room: When the curtains are closed, there is a view full of wonders to make stories of”, explains Ammi Lahtinen.

These curtains with blackout and thermal insulating effects come in three lengths and in three colorways – two with a light background and one with a darker background. The curtains are sold at Deconovo US Amazon shop with the delivery option around the world – including Finland. If you have little upcoming astronauts at home, so don’t miss you chance with these curtains!

Images: Deconovo