Modern wallpapers by Dynic Co. Ltd

Published: 13/01/2021

Dynic Co. Ltd is a Japanese company that operates around the world in many business fields. Among others, it supplies printing technologies and materials for Japanese wallpaper brands.

Dynic and Patternsfrom Agency have been working together since early 2019. Patterns designed by Tanja Kallio and Tiina Taivainen have found their way through Dynic to the collection of Sangetsu – Japan’s leading wallpaper brand.

Dynic gets first-hand information whenever new patterns are launched. Their design team chooses suitable patterns, oftentimes modern and always with Nordic feeling, from Patternsfrom Agency’s pattern bank. As Nordic style is popular in Japan, also Dynic with its customers find it valuable when Patternsfrom Agency delivers not only design data, but also stories related to the pattern designer and designer per se.

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