We have been selling patterns and design consultancy services since 2016. In addition to the references further down below, we have also worked with the following companies and brands:

SakupeLuolai Group, Beijing Intx Consulting, Nitori, Nohara Holdings, Joban Kyodo Printing, Facade Corporation, Familon, Silkentex, Bickly Curtain and Nomura Trading.

Bedding patterns for Univisio

Univisio, was in the need of new bedding patterns with a clear, Nordic twist. We visited them in the town of Jämijärvi to present our collection.

Tampellan Työhuone for memory-friendly interiors

Ms. Tuija Salmi has a long experience of coordinating memory-friendly interiors for people suffering from Alzheimer’s or dementia. Together we designed a bedding collection for institutional use.

Pattern for foil printing

The pattern Winter flowers by Miira Zukale is a great example of how the patterns can be modified to the customer’s needs based on the material and technical demands.

Jacquard patterns in AW 2020-21 release of Deconovo

These jacquard patterns are available at the Deconovo stores in winter 2020-21. With the lovely shiny surfaces, the jacquard table cloths can be used both on a daily basis as well as during special occasions. 

Modern wallpapers by Dynic Co. Ltd

Dynic Co. Ltd is a Japanese company that operates around the world in many business fields. Among others, it supplies printing technologies and materials for Japanese wallpaper brands.

Coordination of collections for Deconovo

Deconovo is a global home textile brand that sells its products online, mainly via Amazon. They have a wide range of home textiles in their collection – everything from curtains to table cloths, from cushion covers to placemats.

Nordic style tablecloths and bedlinen for Södahl

Danish brand Södahl approached us at Heimtextil 2018, with a request to find a missing pattern for their home textile collection. Södahl has a strong brand identity, and the mood board ready for the collection.

Exclusive bedding for Showa Nishikawa

In 2016 and in 2017 we designed several floral patterns for the exclusive bedding collections of Showa Nishikawa in Japan. 

Surface designs for bed heads of France Bed

One of our first references is from Japan and France Bed – a company that was looking for surface designs for bed heads.