Pattern designs for curtains for Deconovo

Published: 19/01/2023

We have been supplying pattern designs for curtains and other home textiles for Deconovo since 2019. For now, Deconovo has introduced six concepts, home series by designer, for different types of interiors. Which one is your favorite? The newly released pattern designs have been made for Modern and Classic concepts.

Anna Kuukka has been working on Deconovo’s Modern concept. The Modern series draws inspiration from playful abstracts and contemporary art and combines shiny surfaces with soft structures. 

Anna’s patterns have always her hand-print visible in the small painterly details, even when combined with more geometric structures. The touch of hand-drawn brings playfulness to contemporary, airy textiles and makes the designs stand out.

Cubic Play by Anna Kuukka for Deconovo

Cubic Play by Anna Kuukka for Deconovo

Curtains with the abstract pattern Cubic Play are now available at Deconovo’s Amazon store, and likewise are the curtains with the pattern Raindrop.

Crystal is an abstract pattern designed by Tanja Kallio for Deconovo’s Classic concept. As the name states, the Classic designer series is about timeless, chic interiors and bringing a hotel-like mood to your home with textiles.

Tanja Kallio's Crystal pattern design for Deconovo

Tanja Kallio’s Crystal pattern design for Deconovo

The Crystal pattern plays with geometric regularity and irregularity. There is a contrast in how the delicate lines form strong, sharp elements. With the foil printing technique, the pattern’s surface has a luxurious shine to it. Curtains with the Crystal pattern design are available at Deconovo’s Amazon store as well.


The service for Deconovo has been tailor-made as per the company’s requests. The service, relying heavily on our outstanding expertise in Scandinavian style, has elements from our regular services Creative pitch, Coordination of a collection, and Patterns created on commission.