Pattern designs for elderly people

Published: 02/08/2023

Last year we received a super-interesting pattern design request, with the task of designing pattern designs for elderly people with memory disorders. Puro Tekstiilihuoltopalvelut Oy is the leading laundry service provider in Southern Finland, and they wanted to create a collection with several matching pattern designs that would suit their customers within elderly care.

Interior designer and accessibility advisor Tuija Salmi from Tampellan Työhuone managed the project involving several workshops with the upcoming users, their family members, and their caregivers. She has extensive knowledge on the needs for interiors and pattern designs for elderly people.

While observing the workshops, we got an idea of suitable themes for this project. In Creative Pitch, we collected pattern designs that fit the request and themes. Later on, as the pattern designs were further shortlisted by the customer, Noora Hattunen and Ammi Lahtinen changed the colors of their pattern designs to the color palette of the customer. The colors and their combinations are important for people with memory disorders to live independently and enjoy their living interiors for as long as possible.

This pattern design of Noora Hattunen was chosen for the final collection of Puro Tekstiilihuoltopalvelut Oy. The collection is now available for institutions and care homes that provide home-like care services for their customers, and have a textile maintenance agreement with Puro Tekstiilihuoltopalvelut Oy.