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Virtual pattern design trade fair in our minds

We are investigating the interest for virtual pattern design trade fair. Please answer to our short inquiry about the topic!

Business Finlandin “koronarahoitus”

Business Finlandin “koronarahoitus”, eli Liiketoiminnan kehitysrahoitus häiriötilanteissa sai myös meidät liikkeelle. Koska rahoitus ja sen kohteena olevat hankkeet ovat aiheuttaneet keskustelua valtakunnan medioissa, avaamme asiaa omalta kantiltamme ja kerromme hakuprosessista.

Business is as usual despite of the COVID-19

Business is as usual despite of the COVID-19. We are happy to create you patterns, collections and color charts with fresh Nordic style. Get in touch!

Upcoming trends for hometextiles

We found Nordic Light for classy, Vintage Treasures for lovely and Paper Plane for whimsical patterns as the upcoming trends for hometextiles.

Patternsfrom Agency catalogue 2020 is out now

The new Patternsfrom Agency catalogue was published for the Heimtextil fair. You can upload it at Issuu now. Enjoy reading it!

Goals for the New Year 2020

The first week of the new year, as well as the new decade, is almost over. We took time to set up some goals for the new year 2020.

Tanja Kallio – finalist of Sangetsu Wallpaper Design Awards 2019

Tanja Kallio’s Helmiäinen-pattern got shortlisted for Sangetsu Wallpaper Design Awards 2019 in Japan. It is a metal ink printed pattern for high spaces.

Patternsfrom Agency awarded Design from Finland -mark

The Design from Finland -mark of the Association for Finnish Work can be awarded for a product, product group or service that strongly represents Finnish design competence. The mark tells that the company has invested in professional design and achieved business advantages through design.

Patternsfrom Agency nominated for internationalization prize

Even the nomination to win the prize feels like a win to us, as the other two nominees have been working with brands like the Dudesons and Angry Birds.