Ammi Lahtinen

Vauvan viltti KELAn äitiyspakkaukseen

Vauvan viltti KELAn vuoden 2022 äitiyspakkauksessa on Barker Textilesin käsialaa. Me toimitimme kuosin vilttiin.

Classical patterns in Scandinavian style

We dug the pattern library for classical patterns in Scandinavian style. The Nordic light is one of the concepts we have been using.

Japandi style – combining Scandinavian functional minimalism and Japanese rustic minimalism

Japandi style is a mix of the Japanese and Scandinavian styles, and you can see it in the interiors more and more upcoming years.

Jacquard patterns in AW 2020-21 release of Deconovo

These jacquard patterns are available at the Deconovo stores in winter 2020-21. With the lovely shiny surfaces, the jacquard table cloths can be used both on a daily basis as well as during special occasions. 

Ammi Lahtinen’s nature-inspired patterns

The newest pattern set by designer Ammi Lahtinen consist of three nature-inspired patterns: Raitakukka, Kesäilta and Syystuuli.

4 steps for designing unique home textile patterns

To design a production ready pattern is not as quick and simple as you think. Here we explain 4 steps for designing unique home textile patterns.

Happy Scandinavian springtime!

The colors of Scandinavian springtime have fresh tones of green, yellow and pink. We designed a collection of 12 patterns – hope you enjoy it!

Searching for inspiration in midwinter

Ammi Lahtinen describes her favourite winter activities which help her when searching for inspiration for new patterns and design flow.

The first outcomes of design management project for Deconovo

In addition to designing patterns, the project includes material, color, and product coordination. We also created three style concepts with colours and mood boards for in-house use for developing the brand and collections.