Anna Kuukka

Pattern designs with romantic nostalgia

Yearning for patterns with romantic nostalgia? This pattern concept is for you with its soft colors, delicate flowers, and sweet things.

Anna Kuukka’s minimalistic pattern designs inspired by Northern nature

These Anna Kuukka’s minimalistic pattern designs are especially suitable for bedding, bedroom wallcoverings, or other interior textiles and accessories.

Pattern designs for hospitals and institutions

Finland’s leading laundry service provider Sakupe Oy requested some pattern designs for hospitals and institutions. We delivered.

Patterns for the Pantone color of the Year 2023

The Pantone Color of the Year 2023 is Viva Magenta. This time in Editor’s Pick we seek patterns to match this trendy color.

Pattern designs for curtains for Deconovo

These newly released pattern designs of Deconovo have been designed for the Modern and Classic Designers’ Series.

Trendy Stripes and Checks for jolly patterns

This time in Editors’ Picks you can find trendy stripes and check designed again in a lively and fresh way.

Lovely Nordic patterns with vintage feel

We dug the pattern library for lovely Nordic patterns. The concept for lovely Nordic patterns with romantic style is called Bohemian Garden.

Vernal patterns for kitchen textiles and disposables

These vernal patterns for kitchen textiles and disposables in the colors of Scandinavian springtime brighten up your day!

Pattern designs for kids and the young-minded

Our current pattern collection’s whimsical pattern concept is called Bubble. It has cute pattern designs for kids and the young-minded.