Floral patterns

Floral patterns and memories of summer by Nonodd Design Studio

Nonodd Design Studio’s classy floral patterns bring back memories of endless sunny summer days and the surprises of gardening.

Graphic floral pattern designs by Tanja Kallio

These graphic floral pattern designs are especially suitable for wallpapers of Scandinavian-style interiors.

Pattern designs with vintage feeling by Ilana Vähätupa

These pattern designs with vintage feeling got inspiration from old clothes and home textiles found in an attic of an old house.

Retro pattern designs with hippie-happy mood by Ammi Lahtinen

These retro pattern designs are especially suitable for bedding, bedroom wallcoverings, or other interior textiles and accessories.

Patterns for autumn season by Miira Zukale

Miira Zukale has designed these delicate floral patterns for autumn season. Who could resist kissing lovebirds?