Maria Tolvanen

Abstract patterns by Maria Tolvanen

The pattern family Huhtikuu is a great sample of the abstract patterns by Maria Tolvanen. The inspiration for the Huhtikuu came from Finnish spring weather.

Happy Scandinavian springtime!

The colors of Scandinavian springtime have fresh tones of green, yellow and pink. We designed a collection of 12 patterns – hope you enjoy it!

Pantone Classic Blue – Color of the year 2020

Pantone has announced the color of the year for 2020 to be Classic Blue – Pantone 19-4052. We dug the archives and found patterns with this tone. Enjoy!

The first outcomes of design management project for Deconovo

In addition to designing patterns, the project includes material, color, and product coordination. We also created three style concepts with colours and mood boards for in-house use for developing the brand and collections.

Pattern design trends: Lovely

Patternsfrom Agency’s Lovely-pattern concept is for people yearning for romance: soft colors, delicate flowers, sweet things and more to fullfill pattern design trends.

Blooming flowers and floral patterns

To honor the blooming flowers and midnight sun, we digged our archives for the oldies and goldies of our floral patterns.

Trend forecasts: Garden Party for Lovely patterns

This time we share our thoughts about the romatic, cute and sweet, a.k.a. lovely patterns. Which one of them is your favourite?

#loveoriginal against cheap copies

Nordic design is widely copied by companies, wishing to provide the Nordic feeling to its customers. We encourage you to #loveoriginal and avoid cheap copies.

New pattern concepts – lovely, whimsical and classy

We want to help to find our customers to find easily suitable patterns, so we are about to launch the first patterns in our new pattern concepts. Which category the featured image Seitsemän kukkaa by Maria Tolvanen falls into in your opinion?