Nonodd Design Studio

Floral patterns and memories of summer by Nonodd Design Studio

Nonodd Design Studio’s classy floral patterns bring back memories of endless sunny summer days and the surprises of gardening.

Pattern designs with romantic nostalgia

Yearning for patterns with romantic nostalgia? This pattern concept is for you with its soft colors, delicate flowers, and sweet things.

Modern Nordic style patterns for Christmas season

How about decorating your interiors with modern Nordic style for the Christmas season? With these patterns, the Christmas mood is guaranteed!

Juicy fruit and berry patterns for kitchen and dining rooms

This time in Editor’s Pick you have a chance to get to know our patterns for kitchen and dining rooms. All in trendy Scandinavian style.

Minimalistic patterns for safari dreams by Nonodd Design Studio

Siri Huovila is worried about the diminishing habitat of wild animals and this is why she wanted to create these minimalistic patterns.

Vernal patterns for kitchen textiles and disposables

These vernal patterns for kitchen textiles and disposables in the colors of Scandinavian springtime brighten up your day!

Animal patterns for kids’ by Nonodd Design Studio

In their new pattern family with animal patterns, Nonodd Design Studio brings Finnish forest animals visible.

Classical patterns in Scandinavian style

We dug the pattern library for classical patterns in Scandinavian style. The Nordic light is one of the concepts we have been using.

Graphic and colorful patterns of Spring in the city by Nonodd Design Studio

These graphic and colorful patterns are designed by Nonodd Design Studio. They are available for licensing around the world.