Pattern families

Tiina Taivainen sketching with ink

Tiina Taivainen has been sketching with ink and black watercolor all patterns for the ‘Utsjoki’ pattern family – an ode to Lapland nature and landscape.

Timeless pattern designs by Tanja Kallio

The Japandi-theme continues, as Tanja Kallio’s new timeless pattern designs in the classic style are released.

Animal patterns for kids’ by Nonodd Design Studio

In their new pattern family with animal patterns, Nonodd Design Studio brings Finnish forest animals visible.

Papercut patterns of Miira Zukale

A home textile trend inspired Miira Zukale to study the plants in Finnish forests with the aim to bring them alive as papercut patterns.

Graphic and colorful patterns of Spring in the city by Nonodd Design Studio

These graphic and colorful patterns are designed by Nonodd Design Studio. They are available for licensing around the world.

Nature-themed patterns by Noora Hattunen

This time you have a chance to get to know nature-themed patterns by Noora Hattunen. Actually, you get to step into her daydream at Olavinlinna castle, built in the 15th century.

Grayscale pattern designs by Ilana Vähätupa

Ilana Vähätupa’s close-to grayscale pattern designs are inspired by nature: stones, rocks, callunas, and lichens.

Ammi Lahtinen’s nature-inspired patterns

The newest pattern set by designer Ammi Lahtinen consist of three nature-inspired patterns: Raitakukka, Kesäilta and Syystuuli.

Watercolor patterns of Tiina Taivainen

Tiina Taivainen’s Poppies pattern family consists of three watercolor patterns both in bright colorways as well as in vintage-like worn out colors.