Pattern families

Grayscale pattern designs by Ilana Vähätupa

Ilana Vähätupa’s close-to grayscale pattern designs are inspired by nature: stones, rocks, callunas, and lichens.

In the middle of nowhere with Miira Zukale

Last winter Miira Zukale spent a month in an artist’s residence in the Eastern part of Finland, in the middle of nowhere, in deep forest.

4 steps for designing unique home textile patterns

To design a production ready pattern is not as quick and simple as you think. Here we explain 4 steps for designing unique home textile patterns.

Looking for the identity

When was the last time you took a look at the front page of Patternsfrom Agency? Have you seen any developments in it recently since we changed the logo? The logo is not the identity, but it is part of it. The Stooripuu workshop some weeks ago motivated us to re-design our company’s identity even […]

New pattern concepts – lovely, whimsical and classy

We want to help to find our customers to find easily suitable patterns, so we are about to launch the first patterns in our new pattern concepts. Which category the featured image Seitsemän kukkaa by Maria Tolvanen falls into in your opinion?

The visual effect of pattern families

Our textile designers design not only single patterns, but also pattern families. The patterns are great as such, each individually, but as a family they create combinations which are visually very effective for retail as they collect the attention of people who see them.