Free virtual backgrounds for Zoom

Tired of those default backgrounds or showing your messy home during important video meetings? We offer free virtual backgrounds for Zoom to brighten up your meetings with Scandinavian pattern design! We provide 10 options for you for free, all designed by Finland-based professional textile designers. Get to know the patterns, click your favourite one open […]

From pattern to product

Follow the path of Ilana Vähätupa’s idea for a pattern to a finished product sold in Japan.

The visual effect of pattern families

Our textile designers design not only single patterns, but also pattern families. The patterns are great as such, each individually, but as a family they create combinations which are visually very effective for retail as they collect the attention of people who see them.

15 steps for a pattern of your dreams

Are you in a need of a pattern, but can’t quite find the one in Patterns from Finland’s collection? Fear not, we are more than happy to design one with your own specifications which fits your own collection perfectly! For making things even easier for you, we created an easy-to-fill 15 steps form, which guides […]