Jacquard designs for baby blankets

We have supplied several jacquard designs for baby blankets for Barker Textiles over the years. These exercising bunnies are still looking for a distributor.

Pattern designs in mockups

Having difficulties to understand how a pattern looks like on a product? Fear not, we are showing our pattern designs in mockups! 

Pattern designs for hospitals and institutions

Finland’s leading laundry service provider Sakupe Oy requested some pattern designs for hospitals and institutions. We delivered.

Bedding patterns for Univisio

Univisio, was in the need of new bedding patterns with a clear, Nordic twist. We visited them in the town of Jämijärvi to present our collection.

Free virtual backgrounds for Zoom

Tired of those default backgrounds or showing your messy home during important video meetings? We offer free virtual backgrounds for Zoom to brighten up your meetings with Scandinavian pattern design! We provide 10 options for you for free, all designed by Finland-based professional textile designers. Get to know the patterns, click your favorite one open, […]

The first outcomes of design management project for Deconovo

In addition to designing patterns, the project includes material, color, and product coordination. We also created three style concepts with colours and mood boards for in-house use for developing the brand and collections.