Osta Työtä Suomeen -päivä 4.12.2020

Osta Työtä Suomeen -päivä tarjoaa erinomaisen mahdollisuuden tehdä sinivalkoisia valintoja ja valinnoilla vaikuttaa työpaikkojen määrään Suomessa.

Responsibility in design agency’s daily work

As it is the week of Fashion Revolution, it is good time to spend some time with issues related with responsibility in design agency’s daily work.

#loveoriginal against cheap copies

Nordic design is widely copied by companies, wishing to provide the Nordic feeling to its customers. We encourage you to #loveoriginal and avoid cheap copies.

Business ethics in textile business

Last week I took the time and watched a movie called Machines. Now I have more questions about the business ethics in textile business than I have answers.