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Patternsfrom Agency Ltd

Patternsfrom Agency Ltd was established in March 2019 for promoting Nordic pattern and surface designers. However, the concept has been developing since 2013 when Jenni Moberg and Kristiina Tergujeff, the agent sisters, first got the vision for the future of Finnish textile designers. Today Patternsfrom Agency sells rights to use unique, hand-made pattern designs with a Nordic twist on various surfaces.

Home textile and wallpaper brands and manufacturers around the world create the base of our pool of customers. The head office of the company is located in the Finnish archipelago, on beautiful Kimitoön island. You can meet us by an appointment in Finland, or at trade shows. We are regular exhibitors at Heimtextil and Japantex. The turnover for the first fiscal year was 170 000 euros.

This is how we got started

Jenni and Kristiina grew up with the scout movement together and were often thought to be siblings. In 2015 we had a strong vision for the future of Finnish textile designers, but we were missing a path to follow for reaching the vision. However, we set some goals and began the journey of Patternsfrom Agency, as we both believe in learning by doing despite of the fact that we are different, Kristiina being more artsy and family oriented whereas Jenni a business-minded vagabond.

We started with three awesome textile designers. However, pretty soon we realised that we need different styles and people to our pool of designers as customers have various taste. In the very beginning we learned a lot from our designers as many of them had been doing the business much longer than us. Also, our first open-minded customers from Finland and Japan supported us with our choice of new, open and honest approach to surface designing.

We know our designers

A question which we often hear is “Do you know the designers of the patterns?”. Of course we do! We organize a portfolio review once a year. There we meet personally the designers and check their styles. Some of those designers end up to our roster. When signed in, we advice the designers for how to keep their own pattern portfolios up-to-date at

Our designers work in their own studios. We get together twice a year for team check-ups and wellbeing.


Three pattern concepts

Storytelling is our approach. We, as agents, collect signals of trends in surface design that we use for creating themes and color palettes. We work on three pattern concepts, which are valid one year at the time. The three concepts are Classy, Lovely and Whimsical. Each concept has its own top-level story which guides the designers to create patterns accordingly to their own pattern portfolios. The designers also create a story for each of the patterns that they design. Feel free to use those stories for marketing the ready made product!

Pattern families

The patterns are designed in sets of three: one main pattern supported by two patterns with same or similar elements. Feel free to buy a whole set or one by one. We help our customers with design management, too, by creating and coordinating entire collections.

We have divided the patterns into four groups: A, B, C and D. A has most elements and layers, patterns in D-group are the most simple ones. Each pattern family has patterns from several groups.

All our patterns are original, all designed from the scratch by hand. Our designers do not use element banks. The designers use different techniques: thin lines, thick lines, water colors, wood carving, paper cut – you name it!

Only exclusive patterns

We sell the rights to use the ready-made patterns the designers have designed with Global exclusive, Semi-exclusive and Limited exclusive terms. All patterns are production ready repeats, most of them designed to a 64cm rotation print with colors separated.

Global exclusive terms mean that only you in the entire universe are entitled to use that pattern during the term. This option is very handy if you want to offer something very unique to the market and are ready to pay for it.

Semi-exclusive terms mean that you have the right to use the pattern exclusively for certain product group or market, but the same pattern may pop up in different product group and/or market during the term as well. This option is recommended for companies willing to have unique patterns in a specific market or a product group.

With Limited exclusive terms you have the right to use the pattern for certain product group and market, but the same pattern may pop up in different product group and/or market during the term as well. This option is very handy if you wish to have a cost effective option and are ready to share the beautiful pattern with other manufacturers.

Besides of buying the ready-made patterns with one of the three terms, we provide also other design services including coordination work. More details of the different options, as well as the pricing, is available here.

Sounds nice! How to proceed?

Get in touch with us either by sending us a message or by clicking the pattern(s) you wish to have. We double-check the availability and get back to you with a small image+color versions as well as the technical data of the pattern: the name of the designer, the size of the repeat (height*width) and the number of the colors. Very much the same information as on our homepage.

After considering and evaluating the pattern with your team, you hopefully decide to take it. We will send the original repeat after the payment is cleared – and wish you happy manufacturing! We promise to feature you in our reference page and tell about you to our friends and upcoming customers.

You can meet us personally in Finland, or at one of the trade fairs that we participate. We are regular exhibitors at Heimtextil and Japantex.

By working with Patternsfrom Agency, you will have direct access to professional textile designers and rock-hard project management. Besides of the production ready patterns in repeat, we provide you authentic content from Finland, which you are free to use in your own product/service marketing, and that way build your own brand.

Follow us!

You can follow the agent sisters’ whereabouts online. We create different content on our @patternfromagency -channels in LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook, and we write new content on our homepage regularly too.